Smooth Set

Have u ever seen liquid iron ? The sun set has a visual answer to you. At the top of our house in our local town, I was simply strolling. Sprinkle showers was setting up. These were the early manifestations of cats and dogs spilling in. Air was abnormally warm, possessing the aroma of the sand and it was growing in faster phase.

There must have been a furious battle between the sun and the clouds. For the sun has demonstrated its crimson angry face, before completing its daily duty of exuding light and luck to us. King of clouds must have been extremely blissful about this, that there was an hour of tears of joy – RAIN 🙂


On Top – DP Weekly Photo Challenge


Saturday Snaps

Definitely there lies a beauty in it, the flower is hidden under the leaves. Just like going under the umbrella, the gentle petals have found solace from the shining sun.  Taken at a very high altitude, it has a royal majesty of nobody disturbing it. Beauty is to be admired and left as such without any destruction.

Presenting an untouched photo is really making me happy. No Photoshop or photo sharpening gimmicks have been added to this bewitching image. I am publishing it, as it was taken in the camera. Comments and wishes are welcome. Special mention of heartfelt thanks to my brother, who took me around, showing lovely landscapes. Long live !