Legendary Love

Legendary Love

When I returned home she was lying in the bed.

Passionately lifted and caressed her with pleasure.

She seemed to talk in a husky voice.

Her smell is intoxicating.

She weighs lighter and makes me brighter.

Making me drenched with feelings is her aim.

Book, I love you so much!



A fifty word Story – Weekly Challenge. My second go into it !


Voting Verdict

It is the season of elections. Heat in the temperature and politicians temperament is racing upon with different leading edges. 14 states and 92 Constituencies have casted their votes today. Still there is a more than a month, ahead of counting. People of Odhisha, Kerala, Jammu, Delhi and Jharkand can sleep with peace from tonight, as there will be profoundly boisterous jabbering, soliciting from today. What makes me think is that, the average turnout altogether is around just 60%. Why can’t people stroll in, to raise their fingers for the democracy to flourish?

April 17th and 24th are the main date in which more than 225+ constituencies will go on choosing its most beloved Members of Parliament who are bound to work for their upliftment. Parties are heavily relying on the internet to make an impact among to Indian youth. Planned strategies are in full swing, open any site, you see pop up animated adds, requesting us to show our valuable attention towards the leader.

Leaving all this apart, we need to make up our mind before we enter into the pooling booth. To whom, are we going to vote? It is more paramount to analyze on what grounds, we are choosing the particular person as our leader. It must be done on all dimensions. However excessively, Huge amounts of people exercise their choice in terms of the following condition too:

  • Strong affection towards a party or alliance
  • On the conduct or track record of a candidate
  • To the incentives and the election promises they make and more

Media is a strong tool; it is silly to accept that it is fair always. Some media houses may outright support a party or candidate, there are many others who work in subtle ways by streamlining the news that they show. It is troublesome to differentiate the milk from it’s blending with water, like the Anna Paravai!

Here I rundown upon a couple of sites that provide for us, some legitimate information regarding the election race. It lies upon us to pursue amidst their lines and know the right truths.

  • Youtube election 2014 channel – A juke-box of everything. From breaking news to Top 5 stories in each one state, it has got everything. Clash of titans, Power Brokers, Big Guns… so nicely named and gathered, Go for it if u have loads of time J
  • Google Election Hub – Know your candidate, state wise or party wise or pin-code wise. Sitting MP’s data pops up. Only 10 days prior to elections, it will show up the summed list of contesting candidates. It has links to trends and the hangouts series, which is very innovative idea of making the users ask questions, directly to the political bigwigs.
  • MP Tracker – Excellent database of past events. Gives complete bio-data of the previous 5 years. Name, party, State, Constituency, Educational details, Attendance and complete investigation on Debates, Questions asked and member bills. A treasure hunt, if you are willing.

This is the time to expound and make a good choice. Don’t forget our 49O, who is available in EVM! If not now, then when?

Voting is not, just a right; it is our ultimate duty for our wellness, peace and passion.  


Precisely one month ago, promptly in the morning I was taking my regular scrawling, around Facebook. Trends column showed the official news release that the Malaysian Fight : MH370 form KL to Beijing have stopped reporting and they have lost contact. These are rare matters to occur. I felt that this issue might be resolved within few hours, as the travel comprised of a short distance and it is one of the most regular and busy routes.

Nothing happened till now. The mystery remains the same, much the same as day one. Some way I was avidly viewing the news, every day for it. I regularly visited the Malaysian airlines DARK SITE (so named by them) that is dedicated to MH370 matters. News came that the flight has taken an alternative course, which is 360 degree to the customary one.Out of 239, Four were said to have illicit travel passports. Pilots home were raided and on one of their houses, stimulators for flights were found. Affirmation came in the same site, that paying due diligence, the code MH370 was take away and replaced. Anyways regular services smoothly continued in the same path.

All the mega big countries started providing backup for the Malaysian government. China as of now is pressing up for final solutions, as more than 75% of the 239 missing are Chinese individuals. There were 12 crew members. A family from India, have flown up to see their son, who is doing his higher studies there. Pressures started mounting in all corners. Malaysian airways started providing rehabilitation centers for the relatives of the passengers on-board. All of a sudden the country’s prime minister came up and reported with pale face, that the flight has ended its journey in the southern Indian Ocean. That too, without any proper evidence.

Search and rescue missions are still up and around close to Perth, detecting the signals. Black-box will be the key information provider. Ill actuality is that its signal just last, only less than a month. There have been too many press releases; as of late the complete transcripts were shared with the relatives. At the same time there are no definitive conclusions.

When will this uphill battle be won? By what means can such a huge object, a Boeing plane can disappear into the thin air, without any trace? Can’t the greatest and the innovatively best USA armed force address these questions? Alternatively is there any conspiracies related to it? Reportedly they are saying that they have very little evidence, is it acceptable? Are flights not monitored inch by inch? Is the Malaysian government concealing any crucial data regarding this matter? Gigantic amount of satellites are revolving around the earth and taking momentary pictures and depositing them, won’t they give us any clues? Why did the plane fly away from its normal course and went up to the Indian Ocean? It is any sort of terrorist hijack? Ultimately if the flight is not found, what will be the compensation? Much the same as this MH370, if any other incident happens, how are we going to face it?

These are few fundamental questions that arise in my mind. I am eagerly sitting tight for some uplifting news: That the passengers are well in some spot, spared by some forces.  Malaysian government has the complete moral obligation to provide an answer to us!

Humble Health

Do we take legitimate forethought of our valuable well-being?

World Health Organization (WHO) commends today, the 7th of April as World Health day. This present year’s focus is on the vector Borne diseases. Mosquitoes top the list. In every 100 individuals of the earth, 40+ have the danger of contracting dengue. Sick truth is that there is no specific treatment for this fever. There is an expanding pattern of worldwide reporting of dengue. As you have rightly concentrated in your schooling, female mosquitoes are the real transporters. Researchers are still finding it hard to find a perfect immunization for it.

I have never known of Leishmaniasis before. Some general information from WHO website: Poorest people are the best target of this vector borne illness. Environmental issues such as the cutting of trees, globalization and all others have immediate connection, in increasing the chance of getting influenced by this infection. Annual Mortality rate is evaluated to be around 30000+. Form this you can figure out the number of cases reported! Female Sand flies are the major carriers. Following Info-graphics made by WHO illustrates everything, than my words.

Small bites may cause Big Threats ! Prevention costs lesser than getting cured. Happy Living!  Give respect to your unassuming well-being and deal well with it, as much as possible!

Online Origins

Televisions were once called the idiot boxes, it shows something drearily and we keep on switching back and forth then here and again watching it.

Choices have enormously expanded in this evolving universe, we no more need to see, what the TV channel wishes to thrust us.

Invent of Youtube has made a huge effect on video sharing. Major TV platforms, upload their shows the very next day, without any fail. This makes them well-known and talked about around the sphere of the earth. Grand finales of live Reality shows are making gigantic TRP rates, on-line advertisements procure them a ton.

Reality is that, if you could make up original contents with more than hundred thousand views, youtube itself begins paying to you. Profitable pass time ! Smart phones and tabs have flooded the markets, gaming and surfing activities, included with social media, has made a huge decline in TV viewer-ship

What soever happens, there is still audience for serials and movies. Most recent devices focus these people in particular. Cable TV distributions were disrupted a long back by the set-top box system. As it is much same as  prepaid phones, pay first, pick the best (plan) and use rest, they were a huge hit. Not to be overlooked is that they can be installed anywhere, even remote villages can enjoy shows just by installing the small receiver.

Web is becoming the ultimate GOD of the best things. Right away the methodology of TV has turned into its spectrum. Chromecast and Roku 3 were the beginning players. Apple joined the game seeing its potential, now it is the debut of amazon fire tv. Despite the fact that they are pointless  India, I am expounding on it . We talks paras and paras on Google Glass, then why not this ? People here are so unaware of these devices

TV CollageChromecast alone comes as the USB dongle. All others are made up of shiny black boxes. All are controlled by wifi internet. Think about the circumstances, if you don’t have a proper internet, everything is waste. I think they have a greater capable networks in USA. Expense savvy talking, Chromecast is simply $35, all others are on the edge of $100

Biggest question people ask is : What do they do ? We can access huge number of movies and serials, according to the provider we choose. They additionally offer a countless number of games. Movies are also lent in very low costs. Elegant music players are in-built. Lucid interface to view our photos and videos

Amazon fire TV provides for you a unique option of Voice search. Heading point in chromecast, is the it can be connected with any device, as it is a single USB drive. Apple TV gives a feature of uniting all your I-devices to it, u can do all gaming, chatting, surfing in your huge TV screen. Roku 3 is the only other main player, which contrast from these huge companies. It has a USB port, with which we can plug-in our hard-disks and enjoy our torrent-ed movies 😉 For more

Lets holdup for these streaming devices to be deployed in India. Regardless of the fact that they come, do we have ample number of Indian channels who will host their content online ? Will we have the mentality to rent movies and see them ? Can we afford it ? Will the internet come up with the required speed ?