Legendary Love

Legendary Love

When I returned home she was lying in the bed.

Passionately lifted and caressed her with pleasure.

She seemed to talk in a husky voice.

Her smell is intoxicating.

She weighs lighter and makes me brighter.

Making me drenched with feelings is her aim.

Book, I love you so much!



A fifty word Story – Weekly Challenge. My second go into it !


Swiss Secrets

seperator00SWISS SECRETS

Having a servant at home was a need.

She is debilitating me, with a knife on my throat, to transfer money, from my swiss account to hers.

She and I are repeatedly typing in my password, which shows error.

Account is locked.

She’s baffled and gone, Caps lock saved me.


A fifty word Story – Weekly Challenge. My debut attempt to write an English story begins here !