Thirsty Three

Why am I here, blogging? What am I going to attain or towards what am I running forward? Pondering on these questions… I am trying to articulate my answers to it. Getting more distinction, expanding blog traffic, picking up more followers…. sounds good and convincing. But I am not here for it. I am euphoric if these things happen. Nonetheless I am not running for it from the start.

Here I present my threesome destinations that I think I am following or in any event trying to reach.

1. Transporting Thoughts

Reading kindles our reasoning. Seeing the world, we take in considerable measure in our own perspective. I see blogging as a worldwide stage to present my dimensions of this extraordinary world and to examine matters with you. I love to share interesting things and make your reading more thoughtful and fun-filled.

2. Hon my abilities

I don’t know whether I have the ability to write well. At the same time I am making a decent attempt to do so. English is the language of commons. It is one of the tools that are to be mastered. Writing in a straightforward manner and conveying my ideas is my path. Along with it I am striving to build my vocabulary quotient by going up of diverse words and searching on them.

3. Creative and consistent

Practice is the way to victory. Being creative and in the meantime being consistent makes me feel more content. I also want to build up my style of writing in this process. Being unique is the most underlying component that legislates both of these objectives.

Hope you enjoy! Am I going towards my goal? Your worthy suggestions are most welcome. This post is in response to the Blogging 201, Branding and Growth – Day One. Assignment one accomplished 🙂


Tasty Travel…

Past three days, I have been going here and there. It is dependably a grand experience to go through buses, as you can meet varied number of people and observe their behavior and socio-political thoughts, that too in this election time

Sustenance and slumber are the main purposes behind which we make money. When you have no care for it and somebody is there to provide it, in a timely and tasty manner, Life is bliss. I need to laud the novelists who give us with visual pictures of various characters. Man is a riddle and I don’t understand much of this.

jerry sleepingLove and affection are available in every niche and corner of the world. Friends are the store tanks of these abundant commodities. Temperature and Temperament vary starting from one place to another and one person to another. Thank god for this three sublime days full of brimming up in cities, without thinking about any personal matter. I have grabbed a pleasant novel to read and I am completely euphoric for it.

Pleasure of roaming around with the nature and enjoying the chug of wind in the symphony of nature is great.  Climbing up hills was the best part of this occasion. Be that as it may, everything is once again to typical now and I am truly tired to concoct else other possibilities at present. Good Night. Sleep saves my fatigue!

Happy alas to have composed a post like my brother: Not revealing anything, but too conveying on a couple of notions!

Simple Sentiments

Pick up one episode of your lifetime that you desire to relish and experience again? (Courtesy: Daily Prompt) Let us assume it to be a free pass for my Time tuning machine! (Past Post). I might not consider every option at this inquiry, as it is not a physics problem to draw the forces and make up equations.

Childhood is the answer. Cherry living is the sensation. It was a sublime time of my life, which I never truly felt like moving, however it geared up so fast that it wound up so soon and I am longing for it again. One person who makes me feel euphoric about it is my Grand Mother.

Tragic truth is that she is no more. It happened when I was a toddler. She was a honored woman. I have faint and feeble memory of her and her identity. All I knew is that she cherished me more than anything. Solid reason could be: I was the first male Grand Child into the family hierarchical tree.

Photographs of her would bring me nostalgic memories of our splendid relationship. In considerable lot of her yesteryear snaps, I was there, holding her, sitting in her lap, playing with here…. My relatives are enamored with letting me know accounts about her, identified with me.. I will share one and then continue to float on my memories, in solitude.

When I was a child, I had a flawless shot of living together with my Atthai (father’s younger sister) and my grandparents. Televisions were getting into the mainstream at those times, particularly cartoon network. Whoever gets hold of the remote will have the opportunity to pick what to watch. And my Atthai was the chosen one for it! I am always a fan of Tom and Jerry. Those days Cartoon Network would telecast programs up till 8pm or only. Whenever I wanted to watch cartoon, my Atthai had different decisions. It generally happens. But I had a gigantic backup for my team, my Grand Mother. She used to say: he is a small boy, let him enjoy it. So change.

It could be a simple thing to you. At the same time, it meant a lot to me in every TV viewing session. I don’t significantly recollect the delight of watching that cartoon at that specific age / time or the bliss of toppling my aunt’s chance. Some kind of happiness triggers onto me, while thinking about this. The pride that, I had a person, who loved me and granted me all my wishes, by paving ways and means to it, makes me overwhelming. Thank god for her. But I really miss that sweet woman. I am bound to think that : things won’t be the same, if she was there!