Blooming Beauty

Relativity is a risky sensation, which transforms its design then and there, without any caution. Beauty is the most relative entity in existence. It has not got a fitting definition and can never get one as well. Perspectives make it popular. Then too people afford huge prices for Beauty.

Thanks are due to my school syllabus, which presented me probably the most inspiring English poets of all time. Wordsworth, Milton, John Keats and Shakespeare were the honed gems of the jewel bag. Simplicity in verses and musings made me like, Keats and Wordsworth more than their predecessors.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.

    – beginning of Endymion by Keats.

Conveying emotions in such a lucid manner is really fascinating. The poet continues to portray more manifestations of his passionate living. (click to read full sonnet). Captivating us into an aura of bliss is the definitive result of drinking beauty through our senses.

Age and Maturity are the twin factors that oversee our vision of beauty. As a kid, a balloon was more beautiful and more pleasant than a set of 1000 rupees note. Any how the other way around happens in our youth. Deriving ultimate pleasure from our actions, make us more prouder than anything. We even face hardships to relaxingly eat a bigger fruit of beautiful success.

Be it anything and everything, there is some hidden form of beauty, which we neglect or most often fail to see. Eagerness to know, opens newer spectrum of beauty. Worshiping beauty and getting addicted to it are good in certain cases, as it paves way to new creative findings in the particular field. Most cases turn fatal, wasting time and money together.

Feeling of Beauty sprouts like a blossom, it develops and on. It is ever-green in abundant number of cases. When a desire is full filled, we have another one. It is an ever ending queue of creation. They are like points in a line. Beauty is bewitching. Conflict of beauty is bound to happen in this world of assorted types. Choose wise and be nice 🙂

I read up a philosophical article, which went on these hypothesis : When we say something is wonderful. We have created an innate longing to posses it. Our subconscious mind makes a little note of it. Ram says to Sham that his dress looks pretty and formal. In a manner it means that, Ram wishes to have it on himself, and look beautiful ! Perfectly right. Enlightening concept ? Come rain or shine, let peace and satisfaction predominate to its alluring beautiful magnificence.


Magic Finger

The Magic Finger by ROALD DAHL.

Happy to put in my first post on Books. Wasting time by watching movies have turned into a passion. But too much of it bored me. So a chance to change. Form the oceans of my ebook bank I browsed and found this small piece ! Small is beautiful, so it is. Long before Naga Chokkan tweeted about this book and as usual I searched the web n got the ebook. Special thanks to him.

Read it here

View it in full screen to read it easily. U can also download it, if u have a scribd account.

First of all, read the book, it is only under 30 pages and it is illustrated. This is the aim of the post. What follows is a collection of my thoughts about it. (Avoid it!)


It is a short story, but with a strong impact. Superpowers are always Surprises. The middle finger reminds me of the Midas Golden Touch. Back on Track : We love to fly and sometimes we do it in our dreams. But is it a easy job ? That too with all the family flying, What happens ? Interesting answers are elegantly shown in the book. The cycle at the end, shows the mastery of the author. Flow of language is so fast, u forget everything and read up, in jet speed. The beauty of the story lies, in the authors ability to portray, such a lovable girl, whose name we will never know even after the end of the whole story. She is just a GIRL (as she says). I think the DALH implies that there are lots of such emotions in loads of these children, present in each n every place of the world.

Quentin Blake the illustrative artist of the book, makes our reading experience, three dimensional : reading, thinking + visualizing. Simple sketches with pencils fit in perfectly. Children can just repeat the story, with these images, after hearing once. Try this for sure, Children are most creative in telling stories, to pictures. #Experience. I always against drawings for readings as it kills our imagination power, but this being a children book, so no harm.

Children have lots of wishes and questions. They want to stop things that annoy them,which are many times harmful to the society too. The heart of the child is shaped with everything and anything happening around. This is what happens to the girl too. Stories create an immense impact in their behavior. Let us read and make them read too. Reading is an addictive art, which is a divine boon, which is gifted and which can be gifted.

(The irony of the post is, I took a long time to write this post than to read the book.)