Thirsty Three

Why am I here, blogging? What am I going to attain or towards what am I running forward? Pondering on these questions… I am trying to articulate my answers to it. Getting more distinction, expanding blog traffic, picking up more followers…. sounds good and convincing. But I am not here for it. I am euphoric if these things happen. Nonetheless I am not running for it from the start.

Here I present my threesome destinations that I think I am following or in any event trying to reach.

1. Transporting Thoughts

Reading kindles our reasoning. Seeing the world, we take in considerable measure in our own perspective. I see blogging as a worldwide stage to present my dimensions of this extraordinary world and to examine matters with you. I love to share interesting things and make your reading more thoughtful and fun-filled.

2. Hon my abilities

I don’t know whether I have the ability to write well. At the same time I am making a decent attempt to do so. English is the language of commons. It is one of the tools that are to be mastered. Writing in a straightforward manner and conveying my ideas is my path. Along with it I am striving to build my vocabulary quotient by going up of diverse words and searching on them.

3. Creative and consistent

Practice is the way to victory. Being creative and in the meantime being consistent makes me feel more content. I also want to build up my style of writing in this process. Being unique is the most underlying component that legislates both of these objectives.

Hope you enjoy! Am I going towards my goal? Your worthy suggestions are most welcome. This post is in response to the Blogging 201, Branding and Growth – Day One. Assignment one accomplished 🙂


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