Tasty Travel…

Past three days, I have been going here and there. It is dependably a grand experience to go through buses, as you can meet varied number of people and observe their behavior and socio-political thoughts, that too in this election time

Sustenance and slumber are the main purposes behind which we make money. When you have no care for it and somebody is there to provide it, in a timely and tasty manner, Life is bliss. I need to laud the novelists who give us with visual pictures of various characters. Man is a riddle and I don’t understand much of this.

jerry sleepingLove and affection are available in every niche and corner of the world. Friends are the store tanks of these abundant commodities. Temperature and Temperament vary starting from one place to another and one person to another. Thank god for this three sublime days full of brimming up in cities, without thinking about any personal matter. I have grabbed a pleasant novel to read and I am completely euphoric for it.

Pleasure of roaming around with the nature and enjoying the chug of wind in the symphony of nature is great.  Climbing up hills was the best part of this occasion. Be that as it may, everything is once again to typical now and I am truly tired to concoct else other possibilities at present. Good Night. Sleep saves my fatigue!

Happy alas to have composed a post like my brother: Not revealing anything, but too conveying on a couple of notions!


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