Voting Verdict

It is the season of elections. Heat in the temperature and politicians temperament is racing upon with different leading edges. 14 states and 92 Constituencies have casted their votes today. Still there is a more than a month, ahead of counting. People of Odhisha, Kerala, Jammu, Delhi and Jharkand can sleep with peace from tonight, as there will be profoundly boisterous jabbering, soliciting from today. What makes me think is that, the average turnout altogether is around just 60%. Why can’t people stroll in, to raise their fingers for the democracy to flourish?

April 17th and 24th are the main date in which more than 225+ constituencies will go on choosing its most beloved Members of Parliament who are bound to work for their upliftment. Parties are heavily relying on the internet to make an impact among to Indian youth. Planned strategies are in full swing, open any site, you see pop up animated adds, requesting us to show our valuable attention towards the leader.

Leaving all this apart, we need to make up our mind before we enter into the pooling booth. To whom, are we going to vote? It is more paramount to analyze on what grounds, we are choosing the particular person as our leader. It must be done on all dimensions. However excessively, Huge amounts of people exercise their choice in terms of the following condition too:

  • Strong affection towards a party or alliance
  • On the conduct or track record of a candidate
  • To the incentives and the election promises they make and more

Media is a strong tool; it is silly to accept that it is fair always. Some media houses may outright support a party or candidate, there are many others who work in subtle ways by streamlining the news that they show. It is troublesome to differentiate the milk from it’s blending with water, like the Anna Paravai!

Here I rundown upon a couple of sites that provide for us, some legitimate information regarding the election race. It lies upon us to pursue amidst their lines and know the right truths.

  • Youtube election 2014 channel – A juke-box of everything. From breaking news to Top 5 stories in each one state, it has got everything. Clash of titans, Power Brokers, Big Guns… so nicely named and gathered, Go for it if u have loads of time J
  • Google Election Hub – Know your candidate, state wise or party wise or pin-code wise. Sitting MP’s data pops up. Only 10 days prior to elections, it will show up the summed list of contesting candidates. It has links to trends and the hangouts series, which is very innovative idea of making the users ask questions, directly to the political bigwigs.
  • MP Tracker – Excellent database of past events. Gives complete bio-data of the previous 5 years. Name, party, State, Constituency, Educational details, Attendance and complete investigation on Debates, Questions asked and member bills. A treasure hunt, if you are willing.

This is the time to expound and make a good choice. Don’t forget our 49O, who is available in EVM! If not now, then when?

Voting is not, just a right; it is our ultimate duty for our wellness, peace and passion.  


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