Precisely one month ago, promptly in the morning I was taking my regular scrawling, around Facebook. Trends column showed the official news release that the Malaysian Fight : MH370 form KL to Beijing have stopped reporting and they have lost contact. These are rare matters to occur. I felt that this issue might be resolved within few hours, as the travel comprised of a short distance and it is one of the most regular and busy routes.

Nothing happened till now. The mystery remains the same, much the same as day one. Some way I was avidly viewing the news, every day for it. I regularly visited the Malaysian airlines DARK SITE (so named by them) that is dedicated to MH370 matters. News came that the flight has taken an alternative course, which is 360 degree to the customary one.Out of 239, Four were said to have illicit travel passports. Pilots home were raided and on one of their houses, stimulators for flights were found. Affirmation came in the same site, that paying due diligence, the code MH370 was take away and replaced. Anyways regular services smoothly continued in the same path.

All the mega big countries started providing backup for the Malaysian government. China as of now is pressing up for final solutions, as more than 75% of the 239 missing are Chinese individuals. There were 12 crew members. A family from India, have flown up to see their son, who is doing his higher studies there. Pressures started mounting in all corners. Malaysian airways started providing rehabilitation centers for the relatives of the passengers on-board. All of a sudden the country’s prime minister came up and reported with pale face, that the flight has ended its journey in the southern Indian Ocean. That too, without any proper evidence.

Search and rescue missions are still up and around close to Perth, detecting the signals. Black-box will be the key information provider. Ill actuality is that its signal just last, only less than a month. There have been too many press releases; as of late the complete transcripts were shared with the relatives. At the same time there are no definitive conclusions.

When will this uphill battle be won? By what means can such a huge object, a Boeing plane can disappear into the thin air, without any trace? Can’t the greatest and the innovatively best USA armed force address these questions? Alternatively is there any conspiracies related to it? Reportedly they are saying that they have very little evidence, is it acceptable? Are flights not monitored inch by inch? Is the Malaysian government concealing any crucial data regarding this matter? Gigantic amount of satellites are revolving around the earth and taking momentary pictures and depositing them, won’t they give us any clues? Why did the plane fly away from its normal course and went up to the Indian Ocean? It is any sort of terrorist hijack? Ultimately if the flight is not found, what will be the compensation? Much the same as this MH370, if any other incident happens, how are we going to face it?

These are few fundamental questions that arise in my mind. I am eagerly sitting tight for some uplifting news: That the passengers are well in some spot, spared by some forces.  Malaysian government has the complete moral obligation to provide an answer to us!


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