Humble Health

Do we take legitimate forethought of our valuable well-being?

World Health Organization (WHO) commends today, the 7th of April as World Health day. This present year’s focus is on the vector Borne diseases. Mosquitoes top the list. In every 100 individuals of the earth, 40+ have the danger of contracting dengue. Sick truth is that there is no specific treatment for this fever. There is an expanding pattern of worldwide reporting of dengue. As you have rightly concentrated in your schooling, female mosquitoes are the real transporters. Researchers are still finding it hard to find a perfect immunization for it.

I have never known of Leishmaniasis before. Some general information from WHO website: Poorest people are the best target of this vector borne illness. Environmental issues such as the cutting of trees, globalization and all others have immediate connection, in increasing the chance of getting influenced by this infection. Annual Mortality rate is evaluated to be around 30000+. Form this you can figure out the number of cases reported! Female Sand flies are the major carriers. Following Info-graphics made by WHO illustrates everything, than my words.

Small bites may cause Big Threats ! Prevention costs lesser than getting cured. Happy Living!  Give respect to your unassuming well-being and deal well with it, as much as possible!


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