Simple Sentiments

Pick up one episode of your lifetime that you desire to relish and experience again? (Courtesy: Daily Prompt) Let us assume it to be a free pass for my Time tuning machine! (Past Post). I might not consider every option at this inquiry, as it is not a physics problem to draw the forces and make up equations.

Childhood is the answer. Cherry living is the sensation. It was a sublime time of my life, which I never truly felt like moving, however it geared up so fast that it wound up so soon and I am longing for it again. One person who makes me feel euphoric about it is my Grand Mother.

Tragic truth is that she is no more. It happened when I was a toddler. She was a honored woman. I have faint and feeble memory of her and her identity. All I knew is that she cherished me more than anything. Solid reason could be: I was the first male Grand Child into the family hierarchical tree.

Photographs of her would bring me nostalgic memories of our splendid relationship. In considerable lot of her yesteryear snaps, I was there, holding her, sitting in her lap, playing with here…. My relatives are enamored with letting me know accounts about her, identified with me.. I will share one and then continue to float on my memories, in solitude.

When I was a child, I had a flawless shot of living together with my Atthai (father’s younger sister) and my grandparents. Televisions were getting into the mainstream at those times, particularly cartoon network. Whoever gets hold of the remote will have the opportunity to pick what to watch. And my Atthai was the chosen one for it! I am always a fan of Tom and Jerry. Those days Cartoon Network would telecast programs up till 8pm or only. Whenever I wanted to watch cartoon, my Atthai had different decisions. It generally happens. But I had a gigantic backup for my team, my Grand Mother. She used to say: he is a small boy, let him enjoy it. So change.

It could be a simple thing to you. At the same time, it meant a lot to me in every TV viewing session. I don’t significantly recollect the delight of watching that cartoon at that specific age / time or the bliss of toppling my aunt’s chance. Some kind of happiness triggers onto me, while thinking about this. The pride that, I had a person, who loved me and granted me all my wishes, by paving ways and means to it, makes me overwhelming. Thank god for her. But I really miss that sweet woman. I am bound to think that : things won’t be the same, if she was there!


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