Thoughts Tuning Time

Time is the most dynamic and philosophical idea that mankind has ever invented !

It is always there, up and running, sitting tight for nobody. It’s the ultimatum battery of our macrocosm. We are made with a timed expiry date, which is of course hidden form us, for our own good.

Seeing through time, transcending through its various realms, is interesting. Starting from the seers of Vedas, who had the ability to transparent the three dimensional aspects of time – Past, Present and the future, to the Harry potter era, it has been a curious subject of thought. Here in the following lines, I simply express my contemplation of the time tuner, which may or may not be appealing to you.

Fundamental certainty to be kept intact in mind is that, Time can never take up the reverse gear. It is supplied new every second. Indeed a wonderful gift. You just use it or lose it. It is as straight forward as that. I believe that what has happened is all for good, so there is no discussion of backtracking into the clock and altering stuff without anybody seeing. Just imagine how much chaos it will create, when a particular event is overturned. OMG, it’s unbelievable.

Just for the illustration, we go back into time. The date is 18th August 1945. All our eyes are watching, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose boarding the little chopper, with Habibur Rahman. Accompanied with them are expansive and expensive iron caskets, full of gold, which was donated to the INA, for the welfare of the Azad Hind – Indian Government in exile. We are following the plane, and thereby witnessing every moment of action. We stop the plane form smashing (lets go with the damn wrong conspiracy theory!), Yahoo! Netaji is invited into India. Whatta a considerable measure of progressions it might have made in Indian History – both political and social. Indeed to envision: Mind Blowing. So it is good to keep events intact and be honored with history.

My variant of time tuner, must have extremely straight forward(!) in characteristics. Strict Entry, just into the past. No license to do any cutting, gluing and altering. Full rights to watch, note, view, account and record all evidences. Guaranteed for sure is Mass entertainment. Cameras, phones, everything without exception are permitted inside it. Time dissolves in the time machine too, but it must run moderate onto this record: one day into the machine, is equivalent to one minute of our life time.

History is dull and doomy at numerous defining moments. Knowing some robust facts of events, their reasons, and individuals involved in it,their practices and propensities as stated by it, will make my thoughts more clearer on numerous perspectives. We get an impression on anything we discover and experience. It need not be true always. This time machine must serve me to make conclusions better. Learning form the past and experience is the best of assorted type. Let falsehoods decrease with this mission of time. Memories of the past are bound to be cherished, give it a chance to be an alternate approach to delight in, unwind and reflect. Anyways, past is precious.

This info is strictly, not for muggles ! Hermoine turning her clock with Harry potter, in the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book Three).

(Share your versions too. Thoughts on the line of: Time Machine, Weekly Writing Challenge)


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