Tee & Eee Tamilan

What u need to live a MEANINGFUL life ? All u need is a ‘P–r–O–b–L–e–M

Classy Nah, Every time we come across a problem, what we do is : frown a little and run away from it.  So the chase begins and the run continues till the problem comes to an end or till we give up or an alternate inefficient solution is brought up. These “philosophies” work up time and again, as there is no other way out

There are bigger social issues that we are under pressure for more than centuries. In a country like ours it is indecent and unpleasant to talk or discuss matters about SANITARY NAPKINS and MENSURAL CYCLES. It is just like anything – a monthly problem, which needs to sorted out for our Mothers, Sisters and Wives . A survey says that only 5% of Indian women use these hygienic PADS and others use various means like Cloths, leaves, etc. which may even cause Infertility, Cancer and Death

Through the IndiBlogger Idea Caravan, I came across a TEDx talk this morning. As the TED mission reads “IDEAS WORTH SPREADING“, this idea and project of ARUNACHALAM Muruganantham is worth a take. Just give a try to his talk. Driving the content with loads of laughter is an art n ‘I am wondering how much he must have suffered…………….’ to laugh n present his novel idea today.

{No need to read more, if u watch the video}

A short take of his travel in the path of his ideas : There are basically very few market players for making these Pads, so here is our hero man with an intention of producing it in an economically viable manner. Exploitation of costs occurs in the market as everybody (less than 5% of Indian population is itself very huge) needs it and there are only two major ‘multi million’ players making it.  With this spark he experiments with the TEE and EEE method, one of the finest means in the world -> Trail and Error method :p 😀 His wife and family members fails to help him in testing it.

Alas he himself tries it (Whatta a determination) and succeeds in making it. He is the First man in the earth to walk with PADS for testing n he is proud of it. Hurdles are crossed and now he is helping poor people make it and use it and sell it. It is the one liner of his adventurous, risky, social cause provoking life. Pearls like him present in the midst of our People must be praised and accoladed.

Facts are : 7000 rural people are employed in making Sanitary Pads and it has 3.5 million users. School children and villagers make it themselves and use it. (this is Thesis of Self Sustainment). As he says is it Silent Second White Revolution

Finale : He is running this mission successfully for more than 8 years. He wife Shanthi and sisters work with him and he has  received the President award for his striving work. This ARUNACHALAM is the real SUPER STAR ! 

Lesson to be learnt is :

  • Keep yours eyes and ears and heart open, problems are popping up everywhere to be solved. Grab the chance
  • When you have a cause and discouragement, you have to prove your strength
  • Want to do a new thing – Tee and Eee is the mantra
  • Problems are like Payasam drink them more, think them more, win more
  • Life and money are two different entities, money can make your life happier, but SATISFACTION??

Spend five minutes in a dark room, switch off all the lights, think for five minutes and decide what meaningful thing are you are going to do in your life.                                                                 – Arunachalam Muruganantham

Incidentally my wall in facebook came up with yet another idea to this same issue CLICK TO SEE POST

It talks about washable reusable Sanitary napkins

“These pads cost just Rs. 300/- and depending on the flow, on an average a woman would just need 6 pads for a whole five years. Count the savings,” and she (Kathy Walking) was persuasive.

“Let me give you one more argument, a disposable sanitary napkin takes 800 years to decompose. Now imagine the mountains of napkins that are disposed by millions of women every day. It’s an environmental nightmare!”

The group ECOFEMME run by Kathy Walking and 11 others in AUROVILLE can be found on web as ecofemme. And they talk about the produce and sell them there itself.

On this 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, these people are exemplary to his thought 


5 thoughts on “Tee & Eee Tamilan

  1. I’m very happy about this article. Because you are the author of this post 🙂
    You are sharing a good information to the society. I didn’t know about Arunachalam Muruganantham. But I will know about him.
    I don’t like to call him as a super star! but I accept he is an innovator.

    Thanks For a good article.

  2. Good effort from you Ojas!
    Template is excellent.
    Nice to read about Arunachalam Muruganandam.
    and the quote of Vivekananda is very opt for this article.
    well done and best wishes to you.

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