CRM Thoughts !

Dont worry I am not going to talk about theories of Customer Relationship Management. My recent CRM experiences are worth sharing. Also this is a TEST-TYPE blog post !

I am a proud user of a SONY VAIO Laptop of the VPCEH series. It has powerful inbuilt speakers, which I mainly use to enjoy music and  at a point of time the left speaker got some Hiccups n stopped working and I started worrying, but due to lack of time (a cute form of saying laziness) I didn’t take it to the SONY care. Setting this aside, a newer problem cropped up on the system. It stopped reading the DISC n I am a user of double OS – Win and Linus and to boot n install such Operating Systems CD drive is the most essential thing. Alas I went to the SONY care and had a very kind reception. As my Laptop was inside the warranty they were too fast in repairing it. Immediately they changed the faulty inbuilt speakers and told me to format and see to the disk drive as drivers may not have been properly installed.

So I formatted in a wrong manner, lost all my data, then used Power Recovery to recover all data to its complete….. But still the disk drive wont budge with me. Took it up and deposited it to the Customer Care cum Service center. They replaced it with a brand new CD Drive which now works very effectively. Thanks to Sony and its team !

Next comes the Logitech Inc. There was a free Logitech wireless mouse with my new Laptop purchase. It even
worked beyond 7+ feet. It had a amazing design n usability. Next I wanted to purchase an wired Keyboard for typing in my blogs. Due to its features and reputation, I once again choose the Logitech K200 Keyboard and purchased it and used it extensively for 7 months.

Suddenly there cropped up a small but a significant problem to me. The Left SHIFT key was dead. I use the google transliteration tool to write in TAMIL. So to toogle in between the English and Tamil Language the shortcut (I setup) was Ctrl + shift .

Very much frustrated, went to the shop where I brought the Keyboard and complained them, they directed me to the nearby

Logitech service center. Once I was there the technical person there examined the keyboard and said that it was working well. I told him about he shift key, and demonstrated it to him the fact that if u hold on the Shift key n typed something it would fall in upper cases

It seemed that he never knew this fact and instead asked me “What are the other uses of the Shift key”. I replied to him that this case converter is a feature and it didnt work. He asked me to waited made a few phone calls and called me up. He gave me a keyboard and I asked whether the problem was rectified. He gave me a kind simple and told me that it was a brand new keyboard of the same model. I was utterly surprised with the replacement of the new keyboard. Hence to check it functionality and working efficiency I am TEST TYPING this post. Love u Logitech.

With one more company I will wind up this post. TRANSCEND. I am still amazed at their products. Long ago, for the first time I brought a 2GB pendrive and It is still in working condition. They have printed the LIFETIME WARRANTY in all their memory cards and it does work unless U wash it in the washing Machine ! (experience) Since then whenever I buy or recommend a pendrive brand – I reflexively say TRANSCEND. Their mp3 players too work the same way.

Flipkart is one of the best examples of web-based CRM, as I have too many experiences with Flipkart, I will make it a separate post

I love all these products ! 🙂

What is the moral of all these CRM stories ?

  • CRM and Service is only possible if u buy originally billed products and apply for the online extendable warranties
  • From the companies perspective it provides a ring of trust among its customer and enhances the mouth-talk recommendations which is the biggggggest marketing a product can have !

If u have any such CRM experienced or examples share 🙂


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