Goood !!!

I am delighted to say that my dating with the WORDPRESS princess is on the right tracks and enjoyable since last December. Till now I was talking to her and thru her in TAMIL. But she asked me for a sister of hers and here is the Sister Blog to the one and only NAARCHANTHI – a English meeting point from the perspective eyes of Mundane OJAS.

It has been a long time since I have read any good works of English. But ThankGod I remember the alphabets and some chunks of matter which I have read. Expect anything form this Blog as I have not setup any particular Goal. From Web to Windows, Twitter to Twisters, Facebook to Family, Pictures to Pizzas, Quotes to Quizes…….

Let us first tell U the reason behind me naming the site as the ‘cnerd’. U must have already known what the word geek means. In english there are forms of words like the Big, Bigger and the Biggest. So the first form is ‘geek’ , it expands to ‘nerd’ and the highest form is a ‘dweep’. If U search up your old Dictionaries U will see that all thes words have negative meaning. Time Evolves, so does English. The new Web-onaries have some new definitions to such words. Here are a few of them

Just read thisa more than enough –

NERD also means as Nobone Ever Really Dies

Nerd.wordress is alredy taken. So I put it up as CNERD – Cool NERD, Complete NERD 😉

By visiting this nerdy item, if u learn something and get inspired, then I call it my Grand Success. Being a nerd is Easy, but sharing information is good. I want to enhance myself from this start ‘GOOD’ to ‘BETTER’ and then ‘BEST’, with your good wishes and support

Nerdy Nut,


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